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In a car accident, if you were unable to speak, who can give paramedics your pets life-saving information?

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Your pets voice in an emergency

An important step in ensuring their safety and security

Pets are important members of our families, and when an emergency arises, it’s important to know that they are taken care of too. How often do you travel with your pet in your vehicle? If you were incapacitated in an accident who would speak for them? In an emergency how would you communicate your wishes for your pets care?

My Pet Wallet (MPW) is a revolutionary new product designed to help pet owners store and manage their pets important information and documents, but also to be prepared for pet emergencies. It’s like having a ‘medic alert’ for pets, but with a modern twist. With four plans to choose from, MPW was something for everyone. Our most popular plan, MPW+, offers pet owners their pets information with the scan of a QR code, and input of your Client ID.  From this, EMS personnel can access vital information about your pet, such as medical history, vaccinations, medications, allergies, and contact information for your veterinarian. Giving your pet the best chance of survival.

My Pet Wallet can also stores important pet information and documents such as vaccination records, pet prescriptions and care instructions. Available to be shared with a click of a button, the applications include doggie daycares, boarding facilities, emergency fostering, emergency sheltering, and more.

Not only is My Pet Wallet a great way to store important information, but it also provides reminders to get regular checkups and vaccinations for your pet. With My Pet Wallet, you can rest assured that your pet will always be safe and secure in the event of an emergency.


there are over 6 million passenger vehicle accidents every year? 

My Pet Wallet

Unlocking a new era of safety and security for pets.

The digital pet wallet serves as a modern version of traditional “rescue our pets in case of emergency” stickers. With the scan of a code, emergency personnel will immediately not only see your pets photos, but have access to their names, their vet information, and their emergency contact.

By providing real-time information and easy access to vital details about the pets, My Pet Wallet enhances the effectiveness and convenience of emergency communication and care for pets. It eliminates the limitations of traditional emergency stickers, which are static and require manual updates, by offering a dynamic and easily accessible digital platform. This can greatly benefit both pet owners and emergency responders, ensuring that pets receive the necessary assistance promptly and efficiently.

  • MPW has many applications giving your pet a voice in an emergency:
  • Car accidents
  • Police incidents
  • House Fires
  • Wildfires
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Owner hospitalizations
  • Personal emergencies
  • Evacuations

Additionally, My Pet Wallet offers other useful features for day-to-day pet care, such as sending vaccination records to daycares or boarding facilities, generating lost pet posters with the click of a button that can be shared across social media or printed for positing, and providing reminders for updating pet records annually.
Overall, My Pet Wallet aims to provide pet owners with peace of mind and ensure that their pets receive prompt and appropriate care even in unforeseen emergencies.


47% of pet owners who evacuated left at lest one pet at home?

Lost Cat
Wildfires every year
Pet owners evacuated annually
Pets live in communities at risk
Unprepared pet owners

My Pet Wallet.
For Pet Peace of Mind.

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