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In 2022, during the course of our work with our Animal Food Bank (AFB), we were asked by a paramedic to solve a problem – help Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel know what to do with pets injured in car accidents when the owner is unable to speak for them. He spoke of a recent car accident where he arrived on scene to two humans who were unconscious, and the dog was injured. Without knowing the pet owners wishes, and without having information on who their vet is, they lost precious time while searching for a vet who would treat the dog and minimize it’s suffering. It was something I had never thought about before, and something I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since.

My husband and I have spent the last three years working with pet owners, emergency crews, rescues, shelters and vets through our work with AFB. After countless interventions in pet emergencies, from pets injured in car accidents, owner hospitalizations, owners being arrested and us picking up their dog from the back of a police cruiser in the middle of the night, to mass evacuations of pets and their owners where we step in to provide pet food and supplies to evacuated pets during natural disasters, helping to ensure there is food to go in and feed pets left behind during evacuations, seeing pets lost or injured during evacuations, watching owners be turned away from emergency fosters or boarding for their pets due to lack of medical records, and picking up pets from the back of police cruisers when their owners are in crisis, we knew something needed to be done.

My Pet Wallet (MPW) was born.

“We’ve witnessed a dog dying after a forest fire in 2021 due to a lack of access to it’s medical information. The owner had minutes to flee and took her dog with her. She didn’t have time to find her dogs medication. The vet’s office with the record of the medication also burned down. The length of time it took the governments emergency services to find a way to get her and her dog help resulted in the dog losing it’s life. I vowed at that time, we would find a way to help ensure this never happened again”. Nicole Frey, Creator of My Pet Wallet.

In addition to this, we’ve launched a line of pet evacuation pets with a portion of each sale being donated to the Animal Food Bank’s emergency disaster fund. This fund will be used to provide pet food, supplies and vetting to pets impacted by emergencies and natural disasters.

My Pet Wallet and the Pet Evac Packs are what every pet owner needs for peace of mind.


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